Intelligence Failure

Earlier also 14 personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were killed in a Naxal ambush in Chhattishgarh’s Sukma district,where the ultras not only targeted the paramilitary troops but also looted their weapons, As per reports, among the weapons and equipment taken away by Naxals were one SLR, one machine gun, 10AK-47 rifles, one VHF set, binoculars and jackets.

Today the pressure Groups operating have become so strong that we must chart out a “Naxalite Action Plan” to finish the Naxalite movement once for all. There should be No two opinions that the Naxalite era must end.

as1 The suggestion of using the Army and Declaration of Armed Forces Special Powers Act will be running away from the Problem. To succeed we must have INTELLIGENCE OUTPUTS, be sure of our Intentions, make out a Plan, Weigh the Options available with the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Operation and then select the BEST OPTION. SERIOUS LAPSE INTELLIGENCE.

No action earlier Government

Do not go in “Half Cocked”. I had in a Personal & Confidential letter as far back in 2006 handed over personally to Shri Arun Bhatnagar then Secretary National Advisory Council giving an appreciation of the situation “TOWARDS A SECURE INDIA RESPONSES TO FUTURE MILITARY and POLITICAL STRATEGY” as also “AN APPRAISAL OF MAOIST ORGANISATIONS BID TO UNITE” with a comprehensive brief as to what actions should be taken to tackle the problem. WHAT HAVE THE PREVIOUS GOVT DONE SO FAR? Today we say it is an attack on our DEMOCRACY. The attack which took place in Chhattisgarh in SUKHMA District was regretable. India is faced with many explosions that have taken the form of Armed Liberation movements which are backed from outside, such as in Kashmir, Bodoland, and in addition the Maoist – guided Armed revolutionary movements that involve a large number of People in Chhattisgarh, Andra Pardesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Dandakarnya. As of today, since they have not managed to form a Maoist Party, the full Revolutionary potential of the situation has not been realized or been felt by us.

An appraisal of Maoist Organizations bid to unite

as4Some years ago reports had indicated that the Revolutionary Communist Centre India (Maoists) had issued a communique where by they whole heatedly declared that they have united to form a Single Group as an Organization, based on Marxism – Leninism – Maoism, and that they remain firmly committed to a long cherished dream of the Great Indian people to carry forward and secure for themselves a State through a “New Democratic Revolution”!!! Previously the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) were separate organizations tasked to conduct struggles in different Indian States. The MCC has strong holds in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal as also in the North East and the RCCI (Maoists) have also strengthening their hold in Punjab and the Northwest part of India. If we notice, these States have a long history which goes back to the 1960′s and 70′s with the Peasant uprising that began in NAXALBARI and then spread throughout India. MCC has a long history of struggle on the ideological fronts. It has always upheld the path of a protracted Peoples War thro armed struggle. However, in 2002, it became a participating organization of RIM.
Such type of struggles always contributes to unite vast sections of the poor peasants which happened in Bihar and Jharkhand. In Bihar the Feudal landlords have today also their own armies to suppress the peasants for their own interests. Because of this people have got divided into several castes. Such brutality of the Feudals reduced the masses to the level of slavery. Together with destroying the strongholds of these landlords, bit by bit, the MCC has also been confiscating land from them and distributing this land. If we recollect, in the 2002′s the MCC had even led a Military action in Singhabhumi district of Western Jharkhand against even the Armed Police who were carrying out their operations, in which 18 Armed Policemen lost their lives and 38 were wounded. The Police lost their weapons and ammunition which was seized by the MCC. Jharkhand today is still in a backward condition. The MCC have taken advantage of this as also the terrain from where they were operating, which is the former hilly area of Bihar and now forms a part of Jharkhand. They now claim such territory and have even gone to declare this area as LALKHAND (LAL meaning RED).

States Affected

Punjab also has not been lagging behind in this Revolutionary Struggle ever since the time of General Dyar’s Jallianwala Bagh massacre when fighting against the then British Imperialism. We must also not forget the misguided movement which broke out for an Independent Sikh State (KHALISTAN) in recent times. The RCCI was even then seen to stand firm in the orientation of a New Democratic Revolution. Even today there is a strong lobby in PUNJAB who are waiting for Freedom. The Khalistani Movements have begun- Posters are hanging in JAMMU with Bhindarawala becoming a National HERO. We have to curb this situation also. The Police today are been attacked in Jammu.

as2The Maoist party is today desirous of uniting and checking the fragmentation or splintering of its Cadres to continue waging a Peoples War in any State where they can make headway and we must take immediate steps to stamp this out with alacrity and wisdom.
INDIA has faced many explosions that have taken the form of Armed Liberation movements which are backed from outside, such as in Kashmir, Bodoland, and in addition the Maoist – guided armed revolutionary movements that involve millions of people in CHATTISGARH, ANDHARA PARDESH, BIHAR, JHARKHAND AND DANDAKARNAYA. As of today, since they have not managed to form a MAOIST PARTY, the full revolutionary potential of the situation has not been realized or been felt by us.


To understand their strategy it would therefore be necessary to study some events occurring in Nepal, our neighbour. Nepals Maoist rebels, are growing stronger and stronger day by day and what is its impact on us? How did these rebels transform themselves from a small group of shot-gun wielding insurgents in 1966 to a formidable fighting force today and taken over Governance of certain Areas!!

Unquestionably, there were a substantial number of people in Nepal who saw the Maoists as the only genuine alternative to the repressive social order. Initially the rebels were not taken seriously by anyone. They were lightly armed and not considered a genuine military threat. Today they are well organized and can be said to have become one of the South Asia’s most potent rebel group, perhaps rivaling the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. They are well organized and have tremendous fire power at their disposal. Most of the weapons have been captured by them. They are known to own Police Outposts which also have subsequently been captured by them. They are known to smuggle arms and money thro Countries which have open borders. The Maoists in Nepal may not have even as yet reached their strength to win in their struggle, but they are as to my way of thought too strong to lose it with a spill into our borders. A classic Catch 22 situation but for the EARTHQUAKE. Development could not take place in the areas where they were entrenched until the Govt. gained even limited access to those areas. Access unfortunately, can only be achieved by using highly unpopular and potentially counter productive Military measures or by taking over Governance which today they had. The effect on India is to be watched very carefully in the future.

as3Nepal is sandwiched between China and India. We must remember that insurgency grows in the most backward and least accessible areas – we must therefore learn a lesson for initiating corrective measures which today pose a threat to the security of our own States which are so affected specially in the NORTH- NORTH EAST and SOUTH. We must go all out to economically and effectively improve the present conditions of States without thinking whose Government is in Power or who is the Chief Minister Let’s not have a blame game. HINDUSTAN BELONGS TO EVERYONE WHO IS AN INDIAN. Let us not divide the Country into Political groups with rivalry, lest the Main Parties raise their own Armies Soon!!!

Counter Insurgency by Phases

It is extremely important that we now immediately review the Counter Insurgency Plans for the future and come out with a strategy to combat Maoist – Guerrillas who are operating in the “RED ARC” stretching from Jammu- Nepal to South India. We have been considering a number of options that are open to us such as deploying the Army to crush the movement or call upon Retired soldiers to help clean up the mess or filling in massive numbers of vacancies in our Police forces to tackle the problem. I suggest that we go thro our Options available to us very critically. We must remember that a large number of well trained retired Indian & British Army Gurkha soldiers inhabit the Maoist affected areas on the Nepal – India borders. I feel very sure that those retired may also be providing training to the Maoist guerrillas. I fear that there may soon be a ban by the Nepal Government to ensure no more Gurkhas even join the Indian Army.
The insurgents have ideological and communication links with their counterparts across the border and I am convinced that they can not achieve any success in India, if we tackle the problems in a manner where by we win them over by economically improving their lot as also have moral strength to initially militarily break thro into their heartland or area’s occupied by them.
This break-in can only be achieved by raising a Special Force that is not only to use strong measures, but be so sensitive, trained and educated to understand what we want to achieve. We must not launch our effort in a half hearted manner; we must divide our effort in Phases.

Phase- 1 – Training and motivation to the Police/ Military Force to be raised along with Civil content. Some 50000 Policeman have been trained but how small this number is when we are already short in the Police force due to their being deployed for Industrial Security or guarding Air ports and other VIP duties.

Phase- 2 – Allocate the Force to distinct areas of operation and their command & control structure must be understood and known to all.

Phase- 3 – Break into the Maoists strong holds.

Phase- 4 – Civilian control to be handed over to the civil content, of the Economic Task Force to be designated, who will immediately fill up the vacuum and start working on provision of Housing, Education, Welfare and provision of food, work and finally:

Phase- 5 – Merge the insurgents with the Indian polity by provision of jobs and economic advancement.

We will certainly need highly motivated Officers and Men to accomplish the task, People who are truthful and dedicated to the task in hand. We must also learn to protect the oppressed and the Masses who have waves of sorrow and suffering in them. Our slogan therefore should be what our PM says “DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS”. Our Prime Minister is today in BANGLADESH.

We must also remember that the Maoists movement in BANGLADESH is also going thro a crucial time. Their role in the arena of mass struggle is also now shining more brightly, so we do have to look all round.


The struggle of Revolution which was motivated by Mao was initially taken up by CHINA, being the first example of revolution since India’s Independence. The land reforms and developments based on the revolutionary philosophy of Mao came to be known as the Naxalite movement in India.
At the base of the Naxalite movement there is a violence and an unconstitutional movement which denies Democracy. The illiterate Adivasi who was cursed now wishes liberation. He wants his right of Self Determination, Self Government, Self Autonomy.

The Adivasi has no realization. He cannot see anything beyond the two pieces of bread twice a day, food, clothing and shelter, the prime needs of life. The Adivasi has never read Marx, Lenin or Mao. He does not know who were Marx, Lenin or Mao, he has never seen a gun how it looks. How can such an Adivasi become a Naxalite is a question which is puzzling everybody? It is very natural for an Adivasi to feel that he is unprotected.
We must therefore have plans of development in every State. ADIVASI AREAS SHOULD BE MADE A MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT BY THE STATES.

Since the 1990′s very many Adivasis have been recruited into our Police Services, to stop the spread of the Naxalite movement. The Adivasi Policemen were given special training and sent into the Naxalite areas under the name of Naxalite Action Plan.When an Adivasi comes forward with a gun in his hand in the name of establishing liberty and social justice, a struggle takes place between the Adivasi Police and the Adivasi Naxalite. As a result of such a struggle, an Adivasi is killed by an Adivasi, and that is termed “Naxaliteism”

Today the pressure group of Naxalites has become so strong that we have to chart out a “NAXALITE ACTION PLAN” to finish the Naxalite movement once for all. There should be no two opinions that Naxalite movement must end.It is never ending Wake up all. Declaration of Armed Forces Special Powers Act will be running away from the Problem. Prepare First – DO NOT GO IN “HALF COCKED”.

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