Good Governance is the need of the hour and it is exceedingly necessary for any Nation to survive. Political stability is paramount along with a Strategic Vision, Military preparedness, Economic advancement and cohesion in the thinking Process. There should also be contempt for corrupt Politicians to sit in Parliament, if we want “RISE INDIA”. The Political Parties must ensure that nomination for Parliament Tickets are only given to People who are Dedicated, Non – Corrupt, Intelligent, Knowledgeable who are mature Youth, Women and Men. India’s Politicians today need to get their act together and work as one, specially when we face a crisis and this should be done away from the glare of Publicity. Terrorist Groups are today more nimble, more lethal than ever and increasingly networked across Frontiers. What about the recent explosions in Bodh Gaya? Every Security Organization responsible today have different opinions, with each trying to defend themselves. We must immediately crack the causes and plug loopholes in our working procedures.

Internal Security Threats

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has acknowledged that India’s Internal Security remains a major challenge for him which stems primarily from the threat by Maoist rebels and requires constant attention. Have we assessed how this threat has developed and are there not many more issues? He has further stated that Terrorism, Religious Fundamentalism and Ethnic Violence needs to be tackled firmly and this can only be achieved with the Cooperation from the States . I would sincerely opine that Internal Security Threats have very many more facets to take into account rather than only insisting that the NIA or the National Counter Terrorism Centre are the only solutions. Has anyone ever spoken or considered the National Demographic changes that are occurring and the effect it would have? The Prime Minister knows that Terrorist groups today are more lethal than ever before and have now networked right across our Frontiers. Maoist today are not the only Internal Security threat we face but India faces threats to its security from almost all its Neighbors- as also the spillover of domestic ethnic conflicts, large scale illegal immigration and the base they provide for home grown terrorism against us.

Are we secure? Over six decades since Independence we are still struggling to survive Economically. On the contrary, even Countries who were Super Powers are known to have lost their status due to Internal Contradictions of Over Heating their Economy to take on the burden, not of Military expenditure but just to placate the People .We are today doing exactly the same trying to gain popularity with promises of Food Security Bills been enacted just to show how good the Governance is but we are forgetting that Internal & External Threats loom large over the Country and we are not even keeping pace with our Military requirements.

How do we secure ourselves?

First we must be able to provide a Stable and Good Political Governance which is exceedingly necessary for any Nation aspiring to benefit the People of India and as well Balance our Economy in a pragmatic manner. If a visitor were today to view the Country even superficially and read about the States in ferment, the Communal divide being provoked by the Politicians for their own selfish purposes, the acts of Terrorism, the games that Politicians play and the inefficiency of the system of Governance, we would quite rightly conclude that India neither has the Capacity nor the Will to remain as one Nation. If we were to go back in a Time Machine, we would along the way recollect the orgy of Communal Violence at the time of Partition and one today still continues to witness Armed uprisings in some of our States. The rise of Regional Parties and a naked display of linguistic chauvinism with Political bickerings are there to be seen. The extremist Revolutions which immobilize civil administration in several areas and the threat of the growing insurgency as also the horror of starvation deaths and Farmer suicides still continue.

On the other side one would also see how a poor, yet determined NATION is trying to come to terms with these problems and containing them within the exacting constraints of a Democratic Institution, with a free Press and a thriving lobby freely advocating Human Rights and Liberal Civil Values.

Historical Demography in the making

What does this mean? It is the changes that are likely to occur and would take place in the number of Births, Marriages and Deaths in a particular Time Frame. As far as I can see today there is no such thing as Islamic or Saffron Terrorism. This is a NON ISSUE. Terrorism has no Color. What is relevant is the fact of the EXPLOSION in the Population of our People in India, which is about to take place in the next two decades. This is also due to the partitioning of India in 1947 which appears to me to be a Bad Decision taken on the insistence of JINNAH.

India and Pakistan were created in Aug 1947 based on a struggle lasting nearly three decades. It was correlated to the European Empire winding up its RAJ and quitting India.It was Mohammad Ali Jinnah who ignited his own Political expediencies (with the popular appeal of Islam) and demanded a Separate State for the Muslims who were then a part of Undivided India, which later on also brought him the accolade as the founder of Pakistan. However the Muslims of British India were also then, not a united community. They were divided by ethnic background, language and sect. The main ethnic division was between the descendants of the Arab and Turkish invaders of India and those Ancestors who had been converted from the indigenous Hindu population.

India and Pakistan won Independence in Aug 1947, following a Nationalist struggle. Unfortunately, it was accompanied by the largest mass migration in human history. Lacs of people died in the Riots. The agreement between Nehru and Jinnah was to be implemented by The Division of India into two separate States – One with a Muslim majority (Pakistan) and the other with a Hindu majority (India). If Pakistan was indeed created as a Homeland for Muslims, it is hard to understand why far more Muslims were left behind in India than being incorporated into the new State of Pakistan which consisted of two halves. One was East Bengal now Bangladesh and the other Pakistan as it is today.

Change of Population and Ratios

In 1947 after the Partition of the Country the Total Population of divided India was 36.07 crore out of which 33 crore were Hindus and 3 crore Muslims. In 2008 in a period of 61 years the Hindu Population including Sikh, Budhists, Jains and Christians was 86 crore and the Muslim Population 25 crore. The growth rate of combined Hindu Population was @ 7.67%/ year and Muslims was @ 13.7%/ year. In simple calculation if Hindu’s and Muslim’s maintain the same growth rate in the next 40 years the Hindu Population would be 109.7 crore and Muslim Population would go upto 189.62 crore.


Instead of such a drastic change taking place every year, would it not now be prudent if the Present Government would not like to think of imposing a Law to curtail the Population and bring out a Law for a Two Child Family with immediate effect? Here I would not object for a person if it is Lawful to enjoy the company of 2 to 3 wives !!! but restrict the Family to 2 children. Compared to this I believe that, China’s Population growth has been slowed because of the ONE CHILD POLICY since 1979. In the next few decades India would become the World’s most populous Country and is expected to surpass China in Population .In 2040 India’s Population is expected to be 1.52 billion. Do these figures worry us and would we want to think about a one child family instead of two for all?

National Security Threats

What is National Security and are we secure? The concept of National Security is difficult to define. National Security is a state of mind which comes of several variables such as Internal and External stability, Armed Might, Economic well – being and an Ideological satisfaction. In a cynical world order one is not only dependent on others but we cannot even today identify as to who are our friends and those who are our adversaries? In this immoral and non-altruistic International system, Friends and Enemies are Seldom Permanent. Rivals in the field of trade have deep security ties and as often, Military adversaries have common Economic interests.

If we attempt to define National Security, it would be seen that a Nation should ideally be large and cohesive, economically powerful, internally stable and externally mighty to protect its social and economic interests, its way of life and more importantly, its Frontiers. It should further have the capacity to eliminate anywhere in the world threats to our National interests, either by being self-sufficient or have products which in Science and Technology are available today technically to remain an advanced Society. Little wonder that Countries sometimes considered as Super-Powers have rarely remained Permanent, even though at times they appeared to be ruling the waves. Ultimately, any Economic and Security Groupings are available, which enable smaller Powers to pool their resources and thereby all of them benefit by being a member of a large and more powerful Block. Any analysis of National Security must therefore be critically examined with the Nation’s Economic Potential, the Internal Security scenario as also the External Threat perceptions in conjunction with one another.

Our difficulties today are compounded because a Muslim Pakistan perceives their National cohesiveness only with an Adversary equation with India. India’s efforts to contain Pakistan through diplomatic channels have failed and so far China has also chosen to Militarily challenge our traditional boundaries.

These challenges compels India to build her own Military Defense capabilities which would be at a considerable cost to our Development efforts. Today China, India and Pakistan have nuclear arsenals. India took a decision to continue to develop its Missile Technology over the past 35 years by building the Prithvi and Agni missiles. Naturally, when we were developing the missile technology it was with the idea of possessing nuclear know how to match our development with technologies!!

However the world expressed shock, surprise and horror when India conducted five nuclear tests at Pokhran in May 1998. Bill Clinton announced that India had made a big mistake. But the US seemed more angry with its CIA for having failed to detect India’s nuclear plans. In India National sentiments ran high and all Political Parties congratulated our Scientists. The Bharatiya Janata Party members celebrated the event by bursting fire- crackers. The People of India fully supported the Vajpayee Government but The Indian Economy was down. However we scored over the World in our defense preparedness which was a bench mark for the BJP Government.

Indigenous Threats

Today when we talk about Security Threats. We must also examine situations that stem through hostile Countries and become/culminate into our Internal Security Threats that become totally Indigenous. Our Internal Threats could also be those which are sponsored by hostile countries directly, like Pakistan’s infiltration as also those which are inspired or supported not directly but guided by our Neighbors through subversion of thoughts. If our Political and Economic conditions are poor, then we cannot merely accept the excuse of a Foreign hand. Such a situation developed where Assam burnt and thousands were homeless. The main cause was the local violence in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts as the Bodo tribles and the Bengali speaking Muslims went for each other. The violence threatened to spread to other districts bordering Bangladesh and Myamar. Where had these miscreants come from? Was not the Country aware of the happenings?. Today the linkages between the Maoists in Nepal and those in the bordering states in India also remain a cause of major concern to us. How were Bangladeshi’s permitted to cross the IB, Who was responsible and when? A probe is still immediately called for by an Independent Luminary.

Jihadi terrorism, inspired by internal / external forces with generated ideas for taking Political advantage invariably turns into perceived wrongs committed against Islam which is totally wrong. We must however control infiltration which is daily taking place all along our borders with the grandiose ambition of establishing their own laws in pockets of India bordering 14 States from Sikkim to Tripura. This poses a major threat. The increasing numbers of Indian Mujahideens which seem to be involved in such activities also calls for special attention.

The so-called “Global War on Terror” is not likely to be of much help to India. There may be similarities in methodologies and techniques; but it would be a big mistake to try and evolve a grand plan of macro solutions to this problem. In order to gain local support we should organize groups of People and Every such group would have to be focused for specific local-oriented Politico,Economic and Religious issues. These groups have to tackle through customized approaches that include the addressing of genuine grievances of the People who are so affected. One of the consequences of the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in India is the simultaneous indigenous “retaliatory” growth in the rise of revivalist Hindus and other followers of Hindu Sects. A terrorist be he a Hindu or Musalman who is putting bombs in public places to hurt or kill innocent people deserves the hardest penalty anywhere in the World.

It is essential to also be aware of the potential danger of the unstable conditions in India’s neighborhood. The Maoist participation in the Government in Nepal, the continuing ethnic problem in Sri Lanka with the increasing menace of smuggling and drug trafficking, through Pakistan and Bangla Desh, would all have their own effect in the adjoining areas in India. It is also a fact that we may soon realize that some Anti-Indian Personnel may have already infiltrated into our Polity, Armed Forces and the Police. We must initiate immediate action to check thoroughly and keep a hawks eye on such People. Consider the burning of Trains, Accidents on bridges and blowing of portions of rails and roads. Who is perpetuating all this? Ethnic separatists like ULFA, NSCN and those in Manipur could also try specially to gain Independence in their areas of influence. The Government of India should therefore take note of this potential land-mine and be very careful in framing our reactions and responses to the developments taking place. Today with Chinese Patrols and incursions in Bhutan would not there be another exodus of Muslims to India Ex- Bangladesh?


Good Political Governance is exceedingly necessary for any Nation aspiring to be a Super Power. Political stability with a strategic Vision, Military preparedness, Economic advancement and a cohesion is very important for India’s march forward. There should also be a contempt for corrupt Politicians to sit in Parliament if indeed one wants to see a Rising India. We must ensure that Nomination for Party Tickets are now only given to People who are Dedicated, Non-Corrupt, Intelligent, Knowledgeable and are mature and dedicated Men and Women. India must not be Passive in it’s thinking, but should be ready for an Aggressive response to any Threats to our National Security. India’s Politicians need to get together and work as one during a Crisis away from the glare of Publicity and not bicker among themselves and stop Politicizing the issue of discussion which is of National Importance. India’s Internal Security remains a major challenge and the threat from Maoist rebels requires constant Attention and Co-operation from All States which will be necessary to combat such Threats. “Terrorist groups are today more nimble, more lethal than ever and increasingly networked across Frontiers”. What with the recent explosions in Bodh Gaya ? Every Security Organization responsible have different opinions each trying to defend themselves. We must diligently crack the cause and plug loopholes in our working procedures.

It is well known today that Pakistani Hindu Families are crossing over to India and seeking Indian nationality. The Sindhi Hindu Population are unhappy with the circumstances prevailing. Earlier Hindu’s from other area’s of Pakistan used to migrate but suddenly there is a rise in Sindhi Hindu’s wanting to resettle in India. They have also asked for Indian Citizenship since they are minority in Pakistan and are facing Challenges. While I do not suggest that a similar situation prevail in India but it is imperative that the laws which may be laid down by India for nuclear families must be followed by all including our Muslim Brethren, and those who do not want to adhere to the laws we must gracefully bid them a warm farewell.

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