India’s Strategy China and Neighbors

There are no doubts that China is now India’s largest trading partner which is well known by the Leaders of both the Countries. India however is unclear about how to respond to China’s growing Power and that is why wrongly people think that India should ally with other Nations to limit China’s influence on us. My view is clear that we must cooperate with China, if we are to play a leading role in the Comity of Nations. In fact I would suggest that we could learn a lot from the way the Chinese Govt functions. Pakistan surely is a big threat to us because of which our relations have hit the lowest level of Confidence. This is mainly due to the fact of Pakistan’s belligerent attitude of continuing to back the Militants like the LET. How can we forget the 2008 Mumbai attacks by Pakistani sponsored ISI who killed over 166 People during that period. Not only this, Pakistan continues to deny any hand from their side during the massacre. Why not we to progress think of approaching an International Court.

To make matters worse reports today emanating from Pakistan blatantly confirm that Nawaz Sharif’s brother who is the Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab’s Province, has recently given Millions of Rupees to Hafiz Sayeed, who is the Master Mind operating against the People of Jammu & Kashmir as also funding the whole operation. One would find that Hafiz not only is involved in the over all planning but has now mushroomed Sleeper Cells in Kashmir. What about recent attacks in Srinagar? The only way out for us is to force Pakistan to return the unauthorized Territory occupied by them and demarcate the Boundary on the ground. Today they do not even accept the 1972 Shimla Agreement. To be honest it is a very difficult task for India to restore mutual trust with either China or Pakistan until the Border disputes with both the Countries are resolved to each others satisfaction. In this I see that there has to be a Good amount of Bonhomie built up between the Three Nations. In fact I feel, that despite the concerns which we perceive, the biggest Threat to India today is the shortages of Water, Food, Energy and Domestic Policy rather than thinking of a war with Pakistan or China. I would like to add and feel optimistic that our Country today cannot show progress because it is being held back economically more because of the level of CORRUPTION that prevails amongst all of us today. Our motto should be “Friendly with Pakistan and China with a No nonsense approach” and make it clear that, WE WILL HIT SO HARD WHEN PROVOKED TO A CORNER.

Comprehensive National Power

It is known that China deals with Countries based on its assessment of their “Comprehensive National Power”, by studying a Nations Will , Social Cohesiveness and the Country’s Military and Economic strength. It is quite clear that they use this barometer as it today relentlessly pursues its Territorial claim not only on India but South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines also. We can add one more Country BHUTAN as of today. China appears to be looking ahead over the next 10 decades. The modus operandi being their territorial claims over Arunachal Pardesh, Bhutan, Sikkim, ( Nepal already neutralized) and Aksai Chin through which their road cuts through India’s territory and goes like a rope around India’s neck and finally goes past Gilgit and Skardu. Pakistan has already handed over the operations of the Karachi Harbour to China. This would mean an additional uninterrupted supply line for movement of goods through the Gulf of Oman to Karachi from where China will carry out trade through the new Northern Road Grid. Previously China had to come via the Indian Ocean through the South China Sea. China today disputes the area of Aksai Chin belonging to India.(See Map Attached).

South Eastern Route

Now consider the latest move that they have carried out -through Bhutan and Nepal (which is already under Chinese control) which will give them a Third Route which would come directly from Lhasa, Thimpu and go South through Bangladesh. With their latest intrusion in Bhutan they have the shortest route through Bangladesh. Have we forgotten the recent Maoist attack in Chhatisgarh which emanated through the corridor from Nepal. We are in the future going to be exposed to such a Threat that will loom large and gravely affect the North East area of Uttar Pardesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. When the Chinese route gets them into Bangladesh it would also be a disastrous move as it is bound to affect our States of Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland.

Why do we allow China to Bully India?

As narrated earlier China bases all moves after their assessment of a Country whether they are a “Comprehensive National Power” or Not. If not they Bully. I am afraid we are today in the Bullying stage!! Why is it so, what do we lack? We lack Commitment to the People of India. China has devised a novel operation for intruding into Indian territory which remains Undefined. They already claim that Arunachal Pardesh is a part of South Tibet!!! We must at least safeguard the interest of the People who have since 1962 being the inhabitants of that Area. The Ladakh China Border was demarcated as far back in1899 which was along the highest mountain range. International practice already accepts the Principle of the Highest Water Shed. Who ever is in control : that’s the Boundary. The first Chinese intrusion in Arunachal was only in 1986 which was met by our Armed Forces who were even ready to take on China’s challenge that they would teach India a lesson. Wrong decisions by us will ruin the atmosphere further.


Take the recent case of Daulat Beg Oldi DBO. Even in Ladakh we must confine ourselves to the Ladakh – Tibet treaty of 1642 which was confirmed by the Dalai Lama in1842 and was endorsed by the Emperor of China himself. Why don’t we sit down and put our heads and our memories along with the papers of that era and solve the problem. The Country would like to know that have we or have we not put ourselves in a position of being unable to reestablish ourselves in DBO which is indisputably ours ? Pakistan today also wrongly considers Siachen Glacier to be a part of their territory. They are grossly mistaken as the area is a part of Indian territory as defined by the Simla agreement between Bhutto and Indira Gandhi in 1972. If we start dismantling our assets from our own Area’s and withdrawing from our territories because of Chinese Patrols in the vicinity to cool and satisfy Others, would it not mean giving up our Territory? Does it also not send a signal of us being in a Pathetic State of mind. The Chinese incursion in DBO area has not stopped. The Army has recently apprehended another three persons of Chinese origin along the Line of actual control who were carrying maps in Abaric language. They appear to have been infiltrated by the PLA. They appeared to be Sunni muslims and their language is either Chinese or Balti spoken in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. China has already confirmed that they have religious extremists with them. Some of them are from the Uyghur ethnic group who follow Islam. While I never have distinguished between Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christens the very fact that China is taking the help of aliens who are not Chinese and using them against India is a serious matter. The Country is still unaware of what steps our Government is adopting? China today believes that an intrusion in India and then in Bhutan and coerce us into their game plan? Time has come that we analyze the dangerous situation facing us from outside and sit together to take appropriate counter measures, instead of blaming each other and engaging in fist and verbal fights that are Broadcast to the whole World about what happened in Uttar Kashi and whether to blame the Chief Minister or the Home Minister!!!


India must now review its policies vis-a vis China and Pakistan keeping in view our strength and weaknesses Unfortunately the Rich and the Famous today are all together in making Big Bucks along with People who are supposed to be our Elected Representatives to ensure Peace & Prosperity for the People of Hindustan!!!
It is good news that to resolve our Border Problems with China we are in the process of formulating a Border Cooperation Agreement policy against the back drop of the recent Chinese incursion in Ladakh. The atmosphere should be made Cordial and Friendly so that we achieve what our great Forefathers had toiled for without fear or fervour and break new ground. We should look beyond the China- India Boundary dispute and make progress in the CHINA – INDIA STRATEGIC FIELD for co – operative Partnership for which tranquility along our long Border must be maintained for the two GIANTS to Economically progress together. Merely Planning and hoping to ramping up Investment or laying down Targets and setting up Inter Ministerial Groups will NOT work. We have to act with alacrity and a will to do a thing in the best manner in the shortest of time. Let us toil and prepare ourselves to BECOME A WORLD POWER.

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