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The recent visit of our PM Manmohan Singh to Japan, so soon after the visit of Premier Li visiting India from China, was it a coincidence? Did they discuss some Secret Agenda because his visit to Japan was extended by one day? Were there too many things to discuss with Japan’s Premier Shinzo Abe which related to the talks he had with Premier Li?  While I am a votary for improving Our relationships with all Countries of the World and specially with our Neighbours, including Pakistan. Surely Manmohan Singh picturing himself with his Japanese counter part Abe, was it that he considers Japan as an Indispensable Partner of India closer than China both for Economic and Defence matters in the coming future? Did he bow down and agree to dismantle our bunkers at DBO with orders to pull back our troops during China Premier Li’s visit?

While Manmohan Singh’s visit continues to look and feel suspicious by most of our Countrymen except China who has taken it seriously and has already accused Japan and India for attempting to forge alliances at each others peril. China visions India’s closeness to Japan as a plot against the Chinese People. Li has also openly threatened that if India gets closer to Japan it would be dangerous for her. China has perceived this meeting as an aggressive overture and is concerned about the close relations which will hamper India China relationship in the future. People want to know India’s stand.

It is also regrettable that the People of India have been shaken by our recent Border Agreement with China of which no one is aware off. What was discussed or agreed to between Li and Manmohan is still a mystery? Such type of a functioning cannot and must not be tolerated by the masses as the Country breathlessly awaits to know the truth. DID WE OR DID HE NOT AGREE TO DISMANTLE OUR BUNKERS AT DBO AND PULL BACK? The Country needs an answer. It appears to me, with my knowledge of the terrain where I have operated for years – I say on record, that if Manmohan has agreed to vacate our positions and if that be true, it will be disastrous for us and we will soon loose Ladakh in the near future. Let us pray that this is not the case. Manmohan has also recently made a comment, when asked by Nawaz Sahrif if India could help Pakistan economically as also supply them oil and other goods, which shows a friendly gesture from our Neighbour for whatever it is worth, but unfortunately in reply our Honorable PM has said that how can we do this when the People of Pakistan are cutting the heads of our Brave Soldiers guarding the LOC? Mr Prime Minister Sir what has gone wrong, the Beheading was done earlier when Ashraf was the PM of Pakistan. WHY COULDN’T WE HAVE TAKEN STRONG STEPS AT THAT TIME?? WHO WAS ADVISING PM THEN? I am sure it is not the fault of our great PM who says and does what he is told to do. The People of India have begun to wonder as to what will happen in the future?

Ex PM Raja Parvez Ashraf’s Visit

One would also recall that during the visit of Raja Parvez Ashraf to Ajmer Sharrif  Shrine a few months ago before he demitted power as PM, he had come with an entourage of 83 People who accompanied him out of which only nine people were his Family Members -but who were the Rest? Must be very important Dignitaries from across the Border as our Foreign Minister Salman Kursheed went and feted them. I am afraid keeping secrets by individuals and not sharing the exact happenings with the People who vote you in Power, does not speak of GOOD GOVERNANCE???

Relations with Japan

Overheated strategic cooperation with Japan’s PM Abe’s administration, to my mind can only bring trouble to India and threaten relationships with the relevant East Asia and North East Asian Countries. If we follow The Look East policy too rigidly, it would appear that our present Policies Targets China. India and China have serious territorial disputes which should be our Priority to settle. Both Countries must look to develop their ties on Democratic values even if both hold different attitudes to the Priorities of Bilateral Relationships. From our perspective, we must encourage Countries to invest in India with the purpose of improving our Economy which is the lowest ever today. It cannot be achieved only between India and Japan, in a short span of time. Merely ordering Military hardware will not solve the problem. India and Japan boosting maritime – security ties and agreeing to import Japanese nuclear reactors to India also does not solve our problems.  Manmohan Singh swears that Japan is an Indispensable Partner. India appears to be pushing ahead with building nuclear reactors despite Global concerns over safety. The Coal sector is already crippled by supply shortages and SCANDLES but who cares if hundreds of millions of Indians who live without power and our factories suffer frequent blackouts!!! The Coal Block probe has already reached the PMO’s door for overlooking norms to allot Blocks!!!

Japan’s stock market has fallen and the Abenomics period is already fizzling out. Japanese firms are today barred from firing their staff employees. It is reported that firms were sending hundreds of their employees into special rooms and leaving them with nothing to do all day. The true purpose many say is to push workers into leaving. This in turn has contributed to stagnant wages and deflation. Abe today wants to take more radical steps after his Party wins control of the Upper House next month. The stock market has fallen by 20% since May. Abe also looks for a Cabinet reshuffle expected in September this year. Is this the reason for the Manmohan / Abe axis?

Manmohan Singh today is also wary of Nawaz Sharif being invited to China and his requesting for help in Energy Infrastructure Development which has raised eyebrows in South Block!!! Given China’s involvement with Pakistan which appears to be growing stronger day by day, is NOT in our interest. Paks building friendship also affects India’s Security. We should be aware that Chinese State run Companies today make toys to Short Range Ballistic missiles which can be supplied to friendly Countries. It is believed that we have formally raised the issue with China and have asked her to desist from dabbling in the North East. Not to rest here Nawaz Sharif has invited the Chairman of NORINCO to visit Islamabad to help to tap solar energy in Baluchistan and setup new power plants in Thar, Punjab and Baluchistan. This Company is looking beyond infrastructure development and is likely to supply A-100 multi rocket launchers. In addition Pak has allotted over Rs 61 million for the Jammat- ul-Dawa the Parent Group of Lashkar- E- Toiba (2008 Mumbai attackers ). Read the writing on the Wall!! The only interaction between India and Japan was during the Second World War, when Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army and the Japanese Imperial Army fought together in Battles against the British Forces- India today is the largest recipient of Japanese Official Development Assistance. India in 2006 also signed a Joint Statement Towards “Japan – India Strategic Global Partnership.”

Does it also shock us to know that the Taliban also have announced that they were prepared to take the first step towards peace negotiations with the Afghan Govt, after twelve years of war. US officials would also meet the Taliban representatives in Doha to which the Afghan Govt does not agree. Such efforts have always been stalled in the past. Taliban have also opened their Political Office in Qatar. Certainly the Taliban appear committed to finding a peaceful solution. This is what Diplomacy is. We are a large Country why cant our Government think BIG. Apparently we haven’t got the right People in the right places who can discuss the Problems that India faces and bring out solutions which must always help all our Countrymen.

US President Obama always expected friction at Afghan reconciliation but continues to voice hope that they can still influence Afghanistan and the Government there. Manmohan Singh has rightly said today that there are NO Permanent Friends or Permanent Enemies. Then why is he blocked in his thinking for greater Economic growth and benefits for the starving People of India and the AAM ADMI from multiple sources in the World.

Think Global

he time has dawned that we start thinking globally for the benefit of our Nation. Lets not put all the eggs in one basket- we must review the Political perilous consequences of dealing only with one Country which must be reviewed from time to time- and that time has now come.

India has a long history of collaboration with several Countries and was considered a Leader of the developing World along with China, Brazil and Russia known as (the BRIC Countries). India was one of the founding members of several International Organizations, most notably the United Nations, the Asian  Development Bank, G20 Industrial Nations and the founder of the Non-aligned movement. India has also played an important and influential role in other International Organizations like East Asia Summit, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund (IMF), G8+5 and IBSA Dialogue Forum. Regionally we are a part of SAARC. We have taken part in several UN peacekeeping missions. We were the second large Troop contributors to the United Nations. Today India is seeking a permanent seat in the UN Security Council along with the G4 Nations. Would we not want to improve Regional Relations all over the World rather than only concentrate on Bilateral Relationships?

Relation with Neighbours

The relationship that we today have bilaterally with Afghanistan must be further strengthened and we were the only South Asian Country to recognize the Republic of Afghanistan. We must pursue our policy of close corporation to contain Pakistan which is supporting Militants in Kashmir and other parts of India.

We were also the First Country to recognize Bangladesh as a separate and Independent State on 6th Dec,1971.  The relationships over the years have been less friendly today because of migrants as also our Border disputes.

We have close ties with Bhutan which also are dwindling in spite of us keeping close friendship.

We revived our relations and recognized the Military Junta ruling Burma in 1993. We now have to think and review our friendship and strengthen ourselves with new changes. Burma is situated to the South of our States of Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pardesh in Northeast India in the proximity of China.

As far as China is concerned despite lingering suspicions remaining from the 1962 Sino- Indian War and continuing Boundary disputes over Aksai Chin and Arunanchal Pardesh we must improve our relations by great Diplomatic Skill which we appear to totally lack as of today.

Pakistan certainly is a big problem that faces us. We must aim to improve our relationship with the new Regime now in power but in no uncertain terms tell them that they have to ensure that militancy which grows there must be curbed and that it does not spill either in Kashmir or India.


Let us for a change be strong to send a signal of a NO NONSENSE APPROACH. We must develop a strong policy with deft handling of the present situation.

Bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and India have been generally friendly, but were affected by the Sri Lankan civil war and by the failure of effective Indian intervention during the Sri Lankan crisis. Why can’t we with our Diplomacy improve this relationship.

With the upcoming Elections let the Electorate be also made aware of where our Foreign Policy stands, as it effects India’s Prestige, Honor and Security for the future. We cannot be playing ducks and drakes and keeping the Indian People busy in making them fight each other because of matters Religious which it appears is being played by one and all. Religious Posturing will never get dividends. WE RESPECT ALL RELIGIONS BUT WE ARE FIRST HINDUSTANI’S AND THEN COMES OUR RELIGIOUS FERVOUR.

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